By day I am a software developer for a small Medical research and development company in Manchester NH. I live in Merrimack NH with my wife and two cats. I've got two main passions...

One of my passions is FIRST. It's a series of programs that inspire students to study science and technology by working with professional engineers and scientists. Please Check it out! (even though it's not why you are here)

My other passion is photography. My preferred subjects are wildlife, nature, landscapes, and urban decay (Hey I find it intriguing). I got started as a kid with a simple 35mm point and shoot and an old Kodak Disc camera (remember those?). My father always had a camera with him and I guess that gave me the photography bug. Somewhere around 1999 I got my first SLR, a Nikon N60. In 2007 I made the jump to digital with the Nikon D80. I've recently moved on to the D7000 and given my wife the D80. (Yeah, she's almost as hooked as I am).

I now tend to take my camera with me everywhere we go. I love to travel and take photos. I've been lucky enough to be able to go a few photo expeditions with the Mentor Series, run by the wonderful folks at Popular Photography Magazine, to places life Montana, Alaska, and Ireland. Those trips have allowed me to see wonderful places and learn from some extraordinary photographers. Check out the trips they offer.